Current Work

Providing photographs for English-language book about Martin Luther (2017) for Luther’s 500th birthday Preparing an exhibition about Berlin and New York for 2013

World Trip (2007-2010)

Took 50,000 photographs during 3 years of world travel. Countries included: USA, French Polynesia, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Indonesia, South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Egypt, Israel, Thailand, Burma, Laos, Vietnam, India, Nepal, United Arab Emirates, Vanuatu, and Abu Dhabi

Other Significant Projects

Photo exhibition “Schmelztiegel”, Everyday Jewish life in Israel and New York, at Kleine Synagoge, Erfurt, Germany Photos for presentation of newly developed machine for company Nixdorf/Wincor, Ilmenau, Germany Photo documentation: setting up exhibition at agricultural fair for Baywa, Munich, Germany Photo documentation: BMW Welt, Munich, Germany Architectural photography: for prefabricated housing manufacturer Town & Country Supplied photos for publishing house Blickverlag for project “Erfurt – das thüringische Rom” [Erfurt – Thuringia’s Rome] (guide around Erfurt’s churches) Picture series for Kindergartens Photo-journalism for publishing house for children’s books: magazine “Agrarkids”, December issue 2010: “On a farm in Africa- our correspondent talks about Namibia”



Ausstellung zum Thema „Schmelztiegel“ in der kleinen Synagoge, Erfurt Präsentation einer Neuentwicklung für die Firma Nixdorf/ Wincor, Ilmenau Fotodokumentation zum Bau des Ausstellungsobjekts der Landwirtschaftsmesse im Rahmen der Baywa, München Kooperation mit der BMW Welt, München